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Indian Head Massage

This is an ancient Ayurvedic treatment originally from India that was used to improve health by stimulating the scalp. Since its introduction to the UK in the 1970s the treatment has been adapted and Westernised and now incorporates the upper back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, scalp and face.

Ayurveda means science of life. Ayurvedic medicine was developed in India more than 3000 years ago. It is based on the belief that health and wellness depend on the balance between the mind, body and spirit.

Benefits can include:

  • Improved circulation

  • Reduced tension

  • A sense of deep relaxation

  • Improved scalp and hair condition

  • Stimulated hair growth

  • A feeling of well-being

  • Being revitalised and re-balanced

Photo of someone having Indian head massage
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