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Seated Acupressure

Also known as On-Site Massage, Seated Acupressure is a treatment given through the clothes to a client who is seated in a specially designed massage chair. There are no oils or creams used.

This treatment is perfect for anyone whose job involves sitting down for long periods of time, for example, working at a computer or driving.

It is based on the traditional form of Japanese massage, called Anma, which means press and rub.

I offer 15 and 25 minute sessions in my treatment room, but for on-site corporate clients, this can be adapted to your specific needs, lasting from as little as 5 minutes up to as long as 30 minutes.  Get in touch if you feel your company could benefit from this wellbeing in the workplace treatment.

The treatment works to improve the flow of energy (Ki) throughout the body. It also affects the muscular, nervous and circulatory systems. Over 60 Acupoints and specific trigger points are also worked.

The benefits include improving circulation and relaxing tense muscles. It should also help to re-balance and energise you, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised.

The following testimonial is from a corporate session I did for a global manufacturing company at their head office in Birtley:

"Christine came to our work and conducted a acupressure massage to over 100 employees over 5 days - every employee said how amazing it was, nice and relaxing - Christine made sure that the experience was great for everyone despite the huge volume. I would definitely recommend Christine to any Company / person"

From Kasmir at Walker Filtration, July 2023

Photo of someone having seated acupressure
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