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More New Qualifications

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

This week I have done 3 new courses with qualifications. Like buses. Nothing for ages then they're all coming along at once haha.

The new ones are: additional techniques for pregnancy massage, Cool Legs Treatment and Energy Boost Bamboo Massage.

The pregnancy massage is some additional techniques that I will incorporate into my existing pregnancy massage.

Cool Legs is perfect for any who is a physical activity enthusiast. It accelerates muscular recovery, activates blood circulation and acts on water retention. I start with an exfoliation, followed by a leg massage and finish by applying a cooling gel to leave your legs feeling amazing and refreshed.

The Energy Boost Bamboo Massage uses bamboo sticks to apply even pressure over areas of the body. I apply oil to your skin first then roll and glide the bamboo over the body, legs and arms to give a deep massage.

I'll add more details on the website about these soon but feel free to ask me for more info. Or better yet, book yourself in for any treatment on my new online booking form.



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