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Online Bookings and Gift Vouchers

You might have seen my previous post about switching online booking systems. Well, I've now got that up and running and it's all going well so far.

I've also turned on the online booking form and set up the area to buy gift vouchers. Both of these are now available on my website. Many of my clients have already been using the online booking system to book new appointments and manage their existing ones.

But because things are never straightforward, as I've said before, a technical issue means it's not as smooth as I'd like. But it's still easy to use. The only thing is that if you're on a computer and you go to the form on a normal browser, you'll see the form on the page. If you're using a mobile, you won't see the form because it's too wide to show within my site on a phone. Instead you'll see a link to click on. The link just opens the form up in full screen on your phone so you can see it all.

When you use the booking form or gift voucher form, you'll need to use your mobile number as kind of a login username. It'll send you a text message with a 6 digit confirmation code. Enter that on the form (to confirm it's really you) and you're good to go. Make that booking or buy that voucher! If you need to change a booking, come back to the form, login with your mobile number again and make whatever change you need.

Easy as that. And it saves me a massive amount of time trying to contact people to arrange appointments at suitable times. This way, you're in control!

So, see you soon xx


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