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Reflexology for Stress

I recently attended a 2 day reflexology training course in London - Reflexology for Stress.

I find that a lot of my clients come to see me and tell me they are stressed – so this felt like an appropriate course to do as part of my continuous professional development.

The 2 days were mostly practical – there were 10 of us there – and we worked on each other for the majority of the time, with the tutor explaining techniques, rationale and answering questions the remainder of the time.

The course was amazing! It turned everything I thought I knew about reflexology on its head, made me think in different ways and showed me different techniques that I hadn’t used before. Anyone that has been in for a reflexology session since the middle of July will have experienced the new techniques – and the feedback from clients has been really positive.

Whilst the new techniques can feel a little more uncomfortable than you’re used to in my sessions, we can always revert back to the more relaxing reflexology if you wish – so far no one has requested this!

Personally I felt that the new techniques quietened all the mental chatter in my head, for 3 whole days – that was bliss! So for all of you out there whose mind is always on the go, come and give it a try.

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