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Fancy a massage at work?

Photo of me doing Seated Acupressure in your workplace

The end of April and the beginning of May has started out really busy for me - I’ve been doing well-being in the workplace sessions. During the last week of April - to coincide with World Day for Safety and Health at Work - I completed 82 massages at a company! OK they were only 15 minutes long, but it was a challenge. And I’m always up for a challenge. Demand has been so high that they have asked me to go back later in the month too.

In fact I have another 6 days of workplace massage to do throughout May - at 3 different companies. And 2 further companies have contacted me for details to see if it would be suitable for their workplace.

Is this something that your workplace could benefit from? Or any friends/relatives workplaces?

The hardest part for me is finding the correct person to approach within a business. Do you know if the company you work for has a Well-being Champion or Coordinator? Would you be willing to pass their details to me so I can introduce myself and tell them about what services I could offer in the workplace?

The attached pictures show me working in the gym - the company had this area closed off so I had somewhere quiet to offer the massages.

Do let me know if you can help with any contact details so I can expand this area of my business.

Thanks so much.

Chris xx


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