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Treatment Spotlight - Mix and Match

Following on from my last Treatment Spotlight - Reflexology - here is the next in the series, my Mix and Match options.

I started offering Mix and Match appointments when it felt like people were booking the same thing time and again and weren’t trying something new or different. Maybe they didn’t want to have the whole hour trying something they didn’t know much about. Maybe they still wanted something familiar. What if they didn’t like what they had chosen. So I decided to try mixing and matching different treatments and the choices have continued to grow.

Do you know all the treatments that I offer?

Did you know that if you don’t see something on the Mix and Match menu then you can request your own? Just drop me a message and I’ll look at creating something truly bespoke for you. Who knows, it might even make it onto the menu permanently!

They can be for a minimum of an hour but for as long as you like - as long as I have time in my diary.

Got any questions? Send me a message and I’ll happily answer any queries.

Would you love to try a treatment that you’ve never had before? You can book by following this link:

Hope to see you soon.

Chris xx


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