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Treatment Spotlight - Reflexology

Hey everybody,

I thought I would highlight some of the different treatments that I offer and today’s focus is on Reflexology - this coming week is also World Reflexology Week.

Did you know that I offer reflexology? On the feet, the face and the hands. It’s my absolute favourite treatment to do. And to receive. I even have my own reflexologist that I see and we swap treatments - it’s important for me to practice self-care too.

I have undertaken lots of additional training to ensure that my knowledge is always expanding and hopefully this means that your treatment improves each time too.

What is reflexology?

The whole body is mapped out to points on the feet, face and hands. I work these points to help your body rebalance and activate its natural healing abilities

Here is a little bit about each type of reflexology, and the accompanying treatments, that I offer.

Foot reflexology - for me this is the most effective treatment that I do. I focus on areas of concern to help with many issues including stress, pain, digestive issues and all things women’s health. I also include the lower legs and even the arms (osteopathic reflexology) to create movement, flexibility and to work the fascial system - this in turn can help to alleviate pain.

Facial reflexology - probably the most relaxing treatment you will ever have. A cleanse of the skin is followed by the most indulgent facial oil. I then work points all over your face and incorporate crystals and some lifting and sculpting massage techniques too.

I have extended my knowledge and treatments by offering facial cupping - not at all like the cupping you see athletes having on their body where they end up with huge purple bruises! No bruising here. This helps to lift and sculpt the face.

And I also offer Gua Sha - both facial and cranial (on the scalp). This can help to release emotions held in the face - this can temporarily reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. And the crystal Gua Sha tools are important too, the crystals have been chosen for their specific properties.

Hand reflexology - very nurturing. Only usually done if there is a reason why I can’t work on the feet. For example verrucas, athletes foot, or because someone doesn’t like their feet touched.

Have you tried reflexology? If so, what did you think of it?

Want to give it a go? You can always mix it with half an hour of massage or reiki if you’d like to sample it before having a full hour.

Got any questions? Send me a message and I’ll happily answer any queries.

Would you love an appointment? Well you can book by following this link:

Hope to see you soon.

Love Chris xx


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