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Could you get your massage for free?

Well if not free then at least some of the cost paid.

And not just for massage either. I’ve seen more people recently requesting receipts so they can reclaim their treatment costs and it’s been for reflexology, reiki and Indian head massage.

Do you have private health insurance? If so then it may include an element for well-being or holistic therapies.

Did you know that I can provide you with an official receipt that has the details of the treatment you have received from me along with details of membership of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT - my professional association) - this may mean you are able to reclaim some or all of the costs you have paid.

Why don’t you check to see if you have any insurance that covers this, either privately or at work, and then I can provide you with receipts to claim some of this money back. After all, every little helps!


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